Matt joins Kristina for a playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition. 

Kris has chosen to play as a Human Wizard in this playthrouhg, which is her first time through DA:O.

Please be sure to let us know how you enjoy this!

Join Kristina as she continues her journey through Dragon Age: Origins!

In this Episode, she finds herself behind the veil, into the Fade as she begins the Harrowing!

Kris is back at it, this time finishing up her Harrowing and getting a little deeper into life at the Circle!

Join Kris as she continues her journey through Dragon Age!  As a newly Harrowed mage, what secrets does the Circle have in store for her?

Kris has much to learn about the world outside the circle if she is to survive in this world.  Will Duncan the Grey Warden prove a useful source of such information?  

Will Kris decide to help Jowan?

Will she succumb to terrifyinh spiders in the crypt? 

Find out in Episode 5 of DA:O!

Join Kris as she explores the massive world of Dragon Age: Origins!  

IOn this Episoded, Kris has to choose between helping Jowan or betraying him to the circle. 

As the quest begins, will she have second thoughts about her choices so early in the game?