Android: Netrunner Game Night Round 2 - Kevin vs Matt

Matt and Kevin square off in round two of the Gamezilla Expo Android: Netrunner GNK event.  Matt is piloting an Astrobiotics NEH, while Kevin is playing Prepaid Kate.  

Alex and Kevin are on hand at NGN HQ providing commentary on this exciting matchup!  Be sure to stick around after the first game for an exclusive bonus - Game two of this matchup in its entirety!




Poor-Earth Hub (Matt)

1x Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center (Upstalk)

Agenda: (11)
3x AstroScript Pilot Program (Core) 
2x Breaking News (Core) 
3x Project Beale (Future Proof) 
3x NAPD Contract (Double Time)

Asset: (9)
3x Jackson Howard (Opening Moves) 
3x Marked Accounts (Cyber Exodus) 
3x PAD Campaign (Core)

ICE: (15)
3x Eli 1.0 (Future Proof) ■ ■ ■ 
1x Rototurret (Core) ■ 
1x Grim (Opening Moves) 
1x Guard (Honor and Profit) 
3x Pop-up Window (Cyber Exodus) 
2x Quandary (Double Time) 
3x Wraparound (Fear and Loathing) 
1x Lotus Field (Upstalk) ■

Operation: (11)
2x Fast Track (Honor and Profit) 
3x Shipment from SanSan (Second Thoughts) 
3x Sweeps Week (True Colors) 
3x Biotic Labor (Core) ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■

Upgrade: (3)
3x SanSan City Grid (Core)

Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker (Kevin)

-- Event (22 cards)
3 Dirty Laundry
3 Indexing
1 Legwork
1 Levy AR Lab Access
3 Lucky Find
3 Scavenge
3 Sure Gamble
2 Test Run
3 The Maker's Eye

-- Hardware (7 cards)
3 Clone Chip
1 Plascrete Carapace
3 Prepaid VoicePAD

-- Program (10 cards)
1 Corroder
1 Deus X
1 Femme Fatale
1 Gordian Blade
1 Knight
1 Parasite
3 Self-modifying Code
1 Sharpshooter

-- Resource (6 cards)
3 Professional Contacts
3 Same Old Thing