Let's Play! Warhammer Fantasy 2500 pt Battle High Elves vs Dwarfs

Clay's back with more Warhammer Fantasy Battles, and he's brought his friend Bill along for the ride!

The first video is a short turn-by-turn account of the way the game played out, while the second video is a complete static camera view of the entire gameplay!  Warning: The second video is very long!


The armies:

High Elves

10 Sisters of Averlorn (with High Sister)
28 Phoenix Guard (with Full Command, Prince and lvl 4 wizard - Soul Quench, Hand of Glory, Walk Between Worlds, Fiery Convocation)
50 Lothern Sea Guard (with Shields, Full Command, Seahelm, and Annointed of Ashuryen)
5 Ellyrian Reavers
Great Eagle
2 Bolt Thrower


22 Ironbreakers (with Full Command, Runesmith and Dwarf Lord)
28 Long Beards (Full Command, Rune Lord and Battle Standard)
20 Thunderers
Grude Thrower
Organ Gun

We hope you enjoy the videos!