X-Wing Wave Seven Demo Game 2 - Special K vs Mini Swarm

Welcome back to Wookies on X-Wing!  This week we have a special treat! Jon and Matt played a demo game with the K-Wing, the next best hope of the Rebel Alliance!  

Matt is piloting his K-Wing squadron against Jon's Tournament mini swarm list.  Can the K-Wing out gun and outtank the opposition?  Or will the Empire have its due?

Tune in and find out!  

Matt is playing: 
Esege Tuketu (K-Wing)
-Extra Munitions
-Conner Net
-Advanced SLAM
-Recon Specialist

Wedge Antilles
-R2 Astromech

Wes Janson
-Veteran Instincts
-R2 Astromech

Jon is piloting: 
4x Academy

1 Scimitar
ion bombs
homing missles
Extra munitions

Omicrom pilot
Fleet officers
advance sensors