Dungeons and Dragons Live Stream - Horde of the Dragon Queen (On the Road Part 5)

Hello there and welcome to the fifth part in our D&D Live Stream!  We've got four players and one DM and the battle at the inn doesn't look like it is going in the favour of our heroes!  Will they survive to continue the long trip north as they seek to uncover where the Dragon Cult is headed with their cargo?

Tune in and find out!  

Mike is missing from this session, but he will likely be in future streams.

The Player Characters are:
Alex: Lainadan - Elf Rogue
Kristina: Fayne - Halfling Bard
Tiffany: Tiara - Elf Druid
Josh: Deacon - Human Barbarian

The party is fourth level and are following the milestone xp system as directed in the Tyranny of Dragons supplement.

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast for the great modules, and thanks to you for watching!  Stay tuned, we have a ton more content from this stream coming up!