X-Wing Regionals Game 9 - BBBB-Z vs X-ZZZZZ

Welcome back to Wookies on X-Wing!  This week, Jon and Matt have game nine from the Maritime Regional X-Wing Championship!

Rob has been taking the swiss rounds by storm, but will he be able to keep his momentum going against Jonathan M?  Tune in and find out who makes it to the Top 4 cut in the best shape!

Jonathan is piloting:
Luke Skywalker
- Engine Upgrade
- R3-A2
- Veteran Instincts

Tala Squad (x4)

Bandit Squad

While Rob is piloting:
Blue Squad Pilot (x4)

Bandit Squad Pilot

Special thanks go to Gamezilla Fredericton for providing the venue for this excellent tournament! 

Tune back in next week for the first game in the Top 4!