X-Wing Game Night Kit Round 2 - Dash / Horn vs XYK

Welcome back to Wookies on X-wing! This week Jon and Matt bring you some second round action from our recent GNK!  It is Rebel vs Rebel action as Jason's Dash/Horn takes on Patrick's innovative XYK list.

Will the wave seven upstart be able to overcome the mighty Donut of Doom?

Tune in and find out!

Jason is playing:
• Dash Rendar
Veteran Instincts
Heavy Laser Cannon

• Corran Horn
 R2 Astromech   
Advanced Sensors   
Push the Limit   
Engine Upgrade

While Patrick is playing:
• Poe Dameron

• “Dutch” Vander
Twin Laser Turret

* Warden Squadron Pilot
Autoblaster Turret   
Extra Munitions   
Seismic Charges   
Proximity Mines   
Advanced SLAM