Tag Me Episode 19 - Happy Podiversary!

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Alex and Kevin are back in the saddle with their one-year anniversary pod!  The guys take a look at what's been going on since the last time they spoke.

Alex moved to Ottawa and has been trying to get a feel for his new metagame!

World Championships happened in November, and the guys have a lot to say about the world famous two-time champ, and they feel the power of Foodstuff!

What have the guys been playing?   Well, no spoilers, but one of our heroes might just have had a Spark of ingenuity!

A new contest!  It's been a while since we've solicited your comments!  To celebrate our one-year podiversary, Alex have decided to give away a set of Alternate Art Custom Data Ravens!  In order to be entered, you just need to send us a comment over social media or to our email address: northerngamingnet@gmail.com.  It just takes one comment to enter, so let's get that discussion started!

All of this plus Single Card Spotlight and so much more!

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