X-Wing: Store Championship Game 1 - Triple Large vs Vader Swarm

Welcome back to Wookies on X-Wing, where this week we've got the first of six videos from the recent Store Championship event held at Enbicon in Fredericton, Canada.

In this round we have a Darth Vader mini swarm piloted by Jon on the right, against a triple large (Firespray, Shuttle, Decimator) on the left.

Jon is piloting:
Darth Vader -  Squad Leader, homing missles
Mithel Mauler
Dark Curse 
Night Beast

The triple large is 

Bounty Hunter
Omicron Group Pilot
Patrol Leader - Rebel Captive, Darth Vader

How will these two squads match against one another?  Will the tanks overwhelm the mini swarm with hit points, or will the synergy of the V Swarm be enough to counteract all the hull and shields opposing it?

Tune in and find out!