X-Wing Miniatures Enbicon Store Championship Game 2 - Leebo BB vs Double Falcon

Welcome back to Wookies on X-Wing, where this week we've got the second featured match from the recent Store Championship event held at Enbicon in Fredericton, Canada.

In this round we have a Leebo accompanied by twin Blue Squadrons piloted by Jeremy on the left, against a Double Falcon by Rob on the right.

Rob :
Han w/ VI, Falcon, R2, c3p0
Chewie w/ VI + Jan Ors

2x Blue squadron Bs w/ adv Sensors
Leebo w/ Outrider, Determination, HLC

How will these two squads match against one another?  Will the double Falcon outtank the Outrider and B-Wings, or will the maneuverability of the YT-2400 be enough to counteract all the hull and shields opposing it?

Tune in and find out!