X-Wing Unboxing Wave 6 - IG-2000 "The Aggressor"

Welcome back to the final unboxing in our Wave 6 coverage here at Wookies on X-Wing!  

Some might say we've saved the best for last - the IG-2000, the crazy 88s, the only ship in this wave you absolutely need to buy two copies of!

What is it about the Aggressor that has our Wookies so excited?  Which pair is most enticing to Jon and Matt?  Will they really love the action economy that a B and C pair offer, or will they be most interested in the maneuverability that IG-88D brings to the table?

You'll have to tune in and find out!

Remember, our Wookies are looking for your ideas of squads to bring to the table for our Demo Games.  We are looking for Scum lists that you feel really bring the faction to life, as well as lists from the other factions that you feel would present a fun and interesting challenge to these new ships!

Please leave comments below with your nominees for demo game squads!