Tag Me Episode 7 - So Much Cards

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Welcome back Stimhackers to the seventh episode of Tag Me!  This one is a lot of fun; two of our guys have some tales of Store Championship glory to retell, while there was an event just this past weekend at our LGS as well!  

Kevin and Alex went to Halifax to play in the Board Room Game Cafe Store Championship on the 7th of February, and the guys tell you tyhe tales of their days, the glory runs and not so glorious accidental cheating they saw during some of their games.

After the event, the guys sat down with the Tournament Organizer of the event, and the winner of Tag Me's Leela Patel contest, Rob B!  He tells us the origins of Netrunner in Halifax, as well as giving us his Netrunner Resolutions for the year!

Kevin and Matt played in a GNK event this past weekend at our LGS, and the metagame was quite interesting, despite the event being so small.  How did the guys do? Did they manage to acquire more loot to giveaway for the Logo Contest?

Speaking of the Logo Contest, Matt has some news regarding the entry deadline (April 2nd, Noon EST), and wants to make sure that everyone has a good idea of what's going into the prize pool!  Don't miss out on your chance at eternal glory!  Be sure to send your entries to NorthernGamingNet@Gmail.com so you don't forget!

The boys finish off the episode with a Single Card Spotlight.  This time we have a less famous card to discuss.  A certain Criminal piece of hardware that one of our hosts has been playing for months without anyone even noticing!

That'll be all for this episode of Tag Me; as always, please be sure to leave us a comment at www.notherngamingnetwork.com/tagme or you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram @northgamenet.  Be sure to send us any emails to Northerngamingnet@gmail.com.

Until next time, from the Great White North; Stay Frosty!