Warmahordes! Atlantic Throwdown Round 2 - pCassius vs pSeverius

Friday can mean only one thing here at NGN; more Warmahordes action to make your weekend come even quicker!

We have round two action from the Atlantic Warmahordes Throwdown - this round featuring Andrew's Circle led by pCassius facing off against John's Menoth led by pSeverius!

Who will come out ahead in this clash of the titans?  Tune in and find out!

Andrews's List:
- Wormwood
- Ghetorix
- Moonhound
Tharn Bloodpack (max)
Shifting Stones + UA
Shifting Stones
Una the Falconer
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove
Swamp Gobbers

John's List:
- Reckoner
- Reckoner
Temple Flameguard (max) + UA
Temple Flameguard (max) + UA
Holy Zealots (max) +UA
Choir of Menoth (max)