Netrunner Game Night Finals - Game 1: Near-Earth Hub vs Noise

Welcome back Stimhackers to Norhtern Gaming Network's Netrunner series!  This week we've got game one of a Game Night finals held in November, between a Near-Earth Hub astrobiotics build versus a Noise CacheShop deck.  

Two mainstays of the current metagame going head to head!  Nothing better than watching great players play great decks; and this time is no different, with the Noise being piloted by Moncton, NB's own Chris MacLeod!

Will the Astro-Train run away with this one, or will Noise get his virus spam rolling before the train can leave the station?

Tune in and find out!

Special thanks to Comic Hunter in Moncton, NB for hosting this event, and to Alex and Kevin for providing commentary over this great game!