X-Wing Store Champs Top 4 - Falcon-BB vs XXB

Welcome back to Wookies on X-Wing!  This week Matt and Jon bring you the first of two great games in the top 4 of the Gamezilla Fredericton Store Championships.

Jon himself is flying his XXB list on the right against Andrew who has managed to fly his way into the Top 4 without appearing on camera once!  Talk about the Dark Horse!

Jon is piloting:
Wes Janson
- R2 Astromech
- Veteran Instincts

Jek Porkins
- R5-D4
- Opportunist

Keyan Farlander
- Advanced Sensors
- Opportunist

While Andy is flying:
Han Solo
- VI
- Millennium Falcon
- Gunner
- C3P0

Blue Squadron Pilot (x2)

Special thanks to Gamezilla Fredericton for putting on this great event! Stay tuned for the second Top 4 matchup coming next week!