X-Wing Regionals - Game 2: Chewiebo vs Dash+B/Y

Welcome back to Wookies on X-Wing! This week Jon and Matt are talking us through game 2 of the recent X-Wing regionals held at Gamezilla Fredericton.

Mathieu is on the left with a variant on the popular Chewiebo list, while Chris is on the right with a very unique take on a metagame list.

Who will take it home to start the tourney off on the right foot?

Tune in and find out!

Chris is piloting:
Dash Rendar
- Lone Wolf
- Recon Specialist
- Outrider
- Mangler Cannon

Blue Squadron
- Advanced Sensors

Gold Squad Pilot
- R3-A2
- BTL-A4
- Ion Turret

While Mathieu is piloting:
- Predator
- Gunner
- c3p0
- Milennium Falcon

- Lone Wolf
- Heavy Laser Cannon
- Recon Specialist