X-Wing Regionals - Game 4: B-Wing (x4) /Z-95 vs Decimator / Interceptor

Welcome back to Wookies on X-Wing, only on the Northern Gaming Network!  Jon and Matt are back with the second Round 2 game from the recent Regional Championships held at Gamezilla Fredericton.

Rob and Terry face off in a contest of metagame supremacy, with Rob's BBBBZ going up against Terry's Decimator/Interceptor list.

Rob is piloting
Blue Squad Pilot (x4)
Bandit Squad Pilot

While Terry is piloting
Rear Admiral Chiraneau
- Predator
- Ysanne Issard
- Rebel Captive
- Gunner
- Engine Upgrade

Soontir Fel
- Push the Limit
- Royal Guard TIE
- Stealth Device
- Autothrusters