X-Wing Wave 7 Demo - Boba Bossk vs Team Punisher

Welcome back to X-Wing here on NGN!  Jon and Matt are back with a unique twist on the unboxing videos they usually do; instead of explaining the ships and the cards, they decided to just take them for a spin!

Jon is piloting Boba Fett and Bossk in the Hound's Tooth, while Matt is piloting Redline along with Brath and Backstabber!

Which of these wave seven ships will win the day?  Tune in and find out!

Matt is piloting:
"Redline (Punisher)
-Extra Munitions
-Plasma Torpedoes
-Cluster Missiles
-Fire Control System
-Twin Ion Engine Mk II

Rexlar Brath (Defender)
-Push the Limit
-"Mangler" Cannon
-Twin Ion Engine Mk II


Jon is piloting:
Boba Fett (Firespray)
-Crack Shot
-Recon Specialist

Bossk (YV-666)
-Maneuvering Fins
-K4 Security Droid
-Hound's Tooth (title)
-Dead Man's Switch