Star Wars X-Wing Regionals - Game 5: Panic Attack vs Phantom/Int/Fighter

Welcome back to Wookies on X-Wing, only here on the NGN!  Matt and Jon are back to present game 5 from our local X-Wing Regional Champs from Gamezilla, Fredericton!

Ian is on the left with his trademark Phantom/Int/Fighter list, but with a few changes this time around.  He's battling against Chris A who is flying a modified Panic Attack list.

Ian is flying:
Mauler Mithel
- Push the Limit

Carnor Jax
- Hull Upgrade
- Royal Guard TIE
- Shield Upgrade
- Veteran Instincts

- Advanced Cloaking Device
- Navigator
- Fire Control System
- Veteran Instincts

While Chris is piloting:
Blue Squadron Pilot
- Fire Control Systen
- B-Wing E2
- Tactician

Blue Squadron Pilot
- Fire Control System

Blue Squadron Pilot
- Fire Control System

Gold Squadron Pilot
- R3-A2
- Ion Turret
- BTL-A4