X-Wing Store Championship 2016 | Game 5 - Superfriends vs Scum Swarm

Welcome back to Wookies on X-Wing!  We are Jon and Matt and we try to bring you the best X-Wing battle reports and video commentary possible each and every week!  Please be sure to check out our new sponsor for Wookies on X-Wing: MetaGamez.com!

This week we are at MetaGameZ for the first of 2 Round 3 games at the store championship held in February, 2016.  In this video, we see a the Super Friends (Palpatine, Darth Vader and Soontir Fel) bring the fight to a swarm of Scum ships including 2 Y-Wing and 3 Kiraxz fighters.

Will Darth Vader keep the Emperor safe from the scum and villany, or will the group of bounty hunters find their greatest prey yet?

Tune in and find out!

David T - Empire

Omicron Group Pilot - Lambda
- Emperor Palpatine

Darth Vader - TIE Advanced
- Veteran Instincts
- TIE/x1
- Advanced Targeting Computer
- Engine Upgrade

Soontir Fel - TIE Interceptor
- Push the Limit
- Stealth Device
- Autothrusters
- Royal Guard TIE

Nick F - Scum

Hired Gun - Y-Wing (x2)
- BTL-A4
- Autoblaster
- Unhinged Astromech

Black Sun Pilot - Kihraxz
- Glitterstim
- Veteran Instincts

Black Sun Soldier - Z-95 (x2)
- Inertial Dampeners

Special thanks to MetaGamez for hosting this event, please be sure to check them out at metagamez.com or visit them the next time you're in Fredericton!