X-Wing Store Championship | Game 4: Vader + 3 TIE Advanced vs Falcon BB

Welcome back to Wookies on X-Wing!  We are Jon and Matt and we try to bring you the best X-Wing battle reports and video commentary possible each and every week!  Please be sure to check out our new sponsor for Wookies on X-Wing: MetaGamez.com!

This week we are at MetaGameZ for the second of 2 Round 2 games at the store championship held in February, 2016.  In this video, we see a TIE Advanced Swarm led by Darth Vader go 4-on-3 against Han Solo and a pair of B-Wings.

Will Darth Vader manage to defeat his son-in-law in this dogfight?  Or will Han make old pops pay for being such a crappy role model for poor young Ben?

Tune in and find out!

Chuck D - Empire

Darth Vader - TIE Advanced
- Engine Upgrade
- Veteran Instincts
- TIE/x1
- Advanced Targeting Computer

Tempest Squadron Pilot - TIE Advanced (x3)
- TIE/x1
- Accuracy Corrector


Shane S - Rebels

Han Solo - YT-1300
- Veteran Instincts
- Recon Specialist
- Jan Ors

Blue Squadron Pilot - B-Wing (x2)
- Fire Control System

Special thanks to MetaGamez for hosting this event, please be sure to check them out at metagamez.com or visit them the next time you're in Fredericton!