X-Wing Store Champs | Game 2 - Scum (Z/Y/Hwk/Scyk) vs Double Decimator

Welcome back to Wookies on X-Wing!  We are Jon and Matt and we try to bring you the best X-Wing battle reports and video commentary possible each and every week!  Please be sure to check out our sponsor: MetaGamez.com!

This week we are at Gamezilla Fredericton for the second round 1 game  at their store championship held in March, 2016.  In this video, we see a pair of Fredericton regulars face off as Nick F takes an interesting Scum list against Shane S who is with a double Decimator list.

Will the flexibility of the scum list be able to overcome the pure tankiness of the double decimators?

Tune in and find out!

Nick F is piloting

Kavil (Y-Wing)
Twin Laser Turret

N’Dru Suhlak (z95 Headhunter)
Cluster Missile
Lone Wolf

Laetin A’Shera (Scyk)
Heavy Scyk
Mangler Cannon

Torkhil Mux (Hwk-290)
Feedback Array

Shane S is piloting

Rear Admiral Chiraneau (VT-49)
Darth Vader
Veteran Instincts

Captain Oicunn (VT-49)
Mara Jade

Special thanks to Gamezilla Fredericton for hosting this event!