Wookies on X-Wing | Live at UNB Store Championship! (Rec May 8th 2016)

Welcome back to Wookies on X-Wing, brought to you by www.metagamez.com!  Jon here at the UNB Bookstore Store Championship held on location at MetaGameZ in beautiful downtown Fredericton!  We've got a small group of gamers vying for the third and final Store Championship title in the city, including some regulars you've seen on camera more than once as well as a few newcomers and out-of-towners!

There won't be a gameplay video this week as our producer (Matt H) has been suffering from some technical difficulties (stemming from Windows 7 incompatibility errors with Asus Motherboards and then a crashing hard drive).  We will be back next week with game 2 from our Wave 8 demo series, and we'll be back to the Store Championship videos just in time to prep for regionals!

Please be sure to leave a comment to this video and let us know how we're doing.  Did you enjoy the format of this video?  What suggestions do you have for improving (outside of a steadycam and external mics, of course)?  We're always looking for ways to make the show better for you, and your feedback is very valuable to us!

And please check out the host for this event, and our sponsor until July, MetaGameZ.com!  Atlantic Canada's newest tournament and games centre has shipping options available for the Maritimes and they are looking to hear from you!

Until next time, take care!