Wookies on X-Wing - Wave 8 | Game 2: Inquisitor vs Ghost

Welcome back to Wookies on X-Wing!  We are Jon and Matt and we try to bring you the best X-Wing battle reports and video commentary possible each and every week!  Please be sure to check out our sponsor: MetaGamez.com!

This week we are at Echo Base for the second of our Wave 8 demo games!  In this video, we see Jon piloting the Inquisitor's TIE Advanced Prototype against Matt's running a very interesting Ghost-centric list provided by Wookies viewer Paul Schaller!

Will the Rebels manage to outsmart the Inquisitor, or will the Dark Side finally get their hands on this troublesome band of brothers?

Tune in and find out!

Imperial List (Jon):
Darth Vader (Tie Advanced) - X1 title, Advance targeting computer, Predator
The Inquisitor (Tie Adv. Prototype) - v1 title, Push the limit, Auto Thrusters
Omega Leader (Tie FO) Juke
Acadamy Pilot (TIE Fighter)

Rebel List (Matt) - list provided by Paul Schaller: 
Chopper - Autoblaster turret - Hera - Gunner - Ghost - Engine upgrade
Zeb - Phantom
Airen cracken (z95) - Adaptability - Thread Tracers - Guidance Chips
Tala Squadron (Z95)

Let us know what you think of the lists and how we flew them in the comments below!