X-Wing Imperial Veterans | Game 1 - Palp Aces vs Defender Aces

Welcome back to Wookies on X-Wing!  We are Jon and Matt and we try to bring you the best X-Wing battle reports and video commentary possible each and every week!  Please be sure to check out our sponsor: MetaGamez.com!

This week we are at MetaGameZ for a special game featuring the new TIE Defender form Imperial Veterans! Jon is piloting the new wares against a modified Palpatine Aces list piloted by 2016 MetaGameZ Store Champion, Chris Allen!

Who will win?

Tune in and find out!

Omicron Group Pilot
 Emperor Palpatine
 Tactical Jammer

The Inquisitor
 Push the Limit

Soontir Fel
 Royal Guard TIE
 Push the Limit
 Stealth Device

Darth Vader
 TIE X/1
 Advanced Targeting Computer

The Inquisitor
 Push the Limit

 Ion Engine Mk2

Special thanks to MetaGameZ for hosting this event!

At approximately the 37 minute mark, Jon accidentally looks at his opponent's dial.  We just wanted to let you know that this was just an honest mistake by a guy who doesn't get to play nearly as much as he would like to these days, and he'll be much more careful in the future!