Episode 4 of our Let's Play! Smash Bros is here!  Matt and Kristina have all but given up on Greg showing up during this recording session... So how will they do once they up the difficulty on their computer opponents? Tune in and find out!

Matt and Kristina are back at it in our third episode of casually smashing our frustrations away!  

Their friends are still busy with kids so they are stuck fighting some mid-level bots again in this episode; but as you will see, sometimes the mid-level bots can be a real handful!

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We bring you more smash!  Kristina and Matt are still waiting on Greg to be free, so they play a couple more games agianst bots.  Check it out to see if our heroes are so bad they will actually lose to the bots!!

Spoiler alert, it is a close call in that last one.

Who does love some Smash?  In our first episode of our new twice-weekly Smash Bros LP, Kristina and Matt smash against some bots while they are waiting for their friends to come online.

This is casual smashing, do not be looking for high tier play here!  We just smash for the joy it brings us!

John and Clay get together for a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  This is the shorter, turn-by-turn version of the game, please be sure to check out the full battle report by clicking the right annotation.

John is playing the Tomb Kings army, while Clay is playing the Bretonnians he's been piloting for a decade.  

Who will come out on top?  You will just have to tune in and find out!

John (Tomb Kings)
35 Tomb Guard - Magic Banner
29 Warriors - Light Armour (led by Prince)
40 Archers - Musician
40 Archers - Musician
Screaming Skull Catapult - Skulls of the Foe
Screaming Skull Catapult - Skulls of the Foe
Casket of Souls
Light Wizard Level 4
Light Wizard Level 1
Light Wizard Level 1
Light Wizard Level 1
Heirophant Level 4

Clay (Bretonnia)
15 Knights of the Realm - BSB, General, Lord, Prophetess, Damsel
Grail Reliquary - Accompanied by 24 battle pilgrims
20 Bowmen - Level 1 Wizard
9 Knight Errant - Full Command

Matt and Alex unwind after a long day of cards with a fun game of My Little Pony!  BE WARNED... Neither Matt nor Alex had remembered to bring a rule book with them that afternoon, so a lot of little things might be wrong about how they played the game.

But the important thing is having fun and sharing that fun with the world, right?  

Alex is playing a Twilight Sparkle deck splashing Orange, while Matt is playing a Rainbow Dash deck splashing Purple.

Clay comes back and brings with him a really unique hybrid digital board game!  Golem Arcana is a skirmish level titan battle game wherein two players use a light pen to interact with the game through a smartphone app.  How does the first game go between Clay and Matt?  And what do the boys think of the game?  Tune in to find out!

Alex shows Matt the ropes in a game of Star Realms - a new Deckbuilding game from a pair of MAgic: The Gathering Hall of Famers!  Who will win the first of many showdowns?