Episode One - Darkness Falls

The sun has set in the village of Kyrrin as four novice adventurers settle in for a night of drinking and frivolity.  While the do not yet know it, these four who have found themselves seemingly by chance at the Laughing Mule Tavern and Inn will quickly find their destinies intertwined. Suddenly, the front door crashes inward as a wounded Giant bursts through the entry, all music and laughter stops as the large creature gestures to the inkeeper.

“F-Finneas… Gorthak is at-tacking!”  The Giant crashes through a table as he succumbs to his wounds and falls to the ground, and for just a moment there is naught but silence as the crowd digests the creature’s words.

“Yaaaaaaaaah!!” All at once, six small dragon-like creatures burst through the doorway, climbing over the giant to make their move.  Shrieks of panic fill the air as the gathered citizens of Kyrrin are trapped in an ambush.  Four strangers, unknown to the village before this night stand their ground and prepare their weapons for the coming battle.

Polius, a red-haired monk is the first to act. Seeing that careful planning and patience often make for stronger allies than imprudence, he gestures to the others that he will react to the Kobolds’ actions.  Tizinni, a priestess kicks her table over, glass shattering as she creates a barricade behind which she and the others can formulate an offense.

Thorne, a well-dressed man, pulls a pinch of soot and some salt from a pouch on his belt and mouths an incantation as he tosses the materials into the air; understanding crosses his face as he looks upon the Kobolds and he moves toward the barricade made by the priestess.

The Kobolds charge toward the group, and pull slings out from their belts as they rush ahead. They loose their stones once they have made an approach, and one of the rocks strikes Polius in the right shoulder, his quarterstaff-bearing arm suffering the brunt of the strike.

Polius sees an opportunity just then to make a decisive attack, charging towards the nearest pair of Kobolds and whirls his quarterstaff toward the first as he lunges with his outstretched fist toward the second.  He grunts at the pain in his shoulder and is knocked off balance as his staff strikes nothing but air and ground, cracking deeply upon contact with the wooden floor.  His fist misses the second kobold by a hair, enraging the monster more than anything else.

Inezia, a human woman takes shelter behind the nearby barricade and speaks loudly a word of condemnation in an arcane language as a bolt of light shoots forth from her fingers and strikes the nearest Kobold square in the chest.  The monster is suddenly halted as it falls to the ground, dust and air all that remain of its once furious charge.

After shaking off his surprise at the sudden intrusion into his inn, Finneas the innkeeper grabs a small crossbow from beneath the bar behind which he stands, levels it at one of the kobolds and fires.  The bolt strikes the Kobold in the head, and the monster collapses to the ground, his eyes crossing as if to look at the bolt sticking out from above them.  He then takes cover behind the bar, ensuring that no attack against him will be advantageous as he reloads.

Polius, the monk, shrugs his shoulders at the broken quarterstaff in his hands and swings it once more at the kobold to his right.  His strike misses wildly, though he is not thrown off by the failure of the wooden staff to strike its target; his fist manages find its mark to his left, crushing the small dragon-like creature’s bones as his arm protrudes from the gaping hole where its face was only moments before.

Tizzini takes account of the action, seeing one kobold directly ahead of her engaged with the monk, and two others coming at the group from the far wall. She takes aim with her light crossbow at the furthest creature and just as she squeezes the trigger a sneeze takes her and her crossbow fires directly up into the ceiling of the inn.  With agrumble and a wipe of her nose, the priestess crouches down beneath the barricade and reloads her crossbow.

Thorne leaps toward the bar, shouting at the innkeeper, “Finneas! It would appear as though this Gorthak fellow is looking for you!”  He draws his rapier and prepares to repel any attacker who comes their way.

A ranger who had been silently observing the situation from behind the assembled group gets to his feet at this point, draws a long arrow from his quiver, knocks it to the drawstring and pulls back all in one smooth motion.  The sound as he releases is a solid twang as the arrow is shot at the Kobold Tizinni had pitifully attempted to dispatch.  The arrow flies through and through the neck of the Kobold, delivering what should have been afatal blow to the creature.  Despite the blood pouring out of the hole in his throat, the monster presses on.

The three remaining creatures drop their slings, and draw daggers at this point, charging toward the Elvish monk.  The Kobold with whom the monk had been attacking ducked low beneath his previous swing of the staff and struck out towards his legs.  With a loud grunt, the Elf drops to one knee, and as the two remaining monsters push their daggers into his back, he falls to the ground in a growing puddle of blood.

“No!” Inezia shouts as she casts another eldritch blast toward the Kobold who hamstrung the monk.  Limbs go flying as the creature is fully gibbed; confusion ringing on its face as it turns to ash.  She considers leaving cover, but thinks better of it, she has no way of helping the monk now other than continuing to shoot her magic blasts at the attackers.

Finneas the innkeeper levels his crossbow at the wounded kobold and finishes the job with a bolt to the chest which throws the nearly dead creature back against the far wall.  A misshapen tongue drops from the kobold’s slack-jawed mouth as its head hangs limply toward the ground.

“Thanks kid, but I kind of already knew that.  Gorthak and me go way back.”  The human drops to one knee behind cover as he pulls the crossbow string back to the trigger mechanism. “Someone might want to check on that Monk!”

As if on cue, a grunt of intense pain can be heard from the monk as the bleeding begins to accelerate.  Tizzini puts her clerical skills to work as she leaps out from behind the barricade and places her hands on the Elf.  Suddenly the bleeding stops and the monk appears to drift off into a peaceful slumber.

The ranger behind the fray knocks a second arrow and looses it toward the final remaining kobold.  The arrow strikes the shoulder of the creature, blowing the arm clear out of its socket.  Bleeding and shrieking in pain was too much for the monster as it quickly succumbs to the mortal wound it suffered.

“The creature must not have had a great relationship with its mother…” Thorne murmers to himself.

A priest from the assembled citizenry comes to the aid of the monk, and casts a spell on him.  The monks eyes open as he regains consciousness, and nods with gratitude at the two clerics who kneel down above him.

In the aftermath of the kobold attack, a large group can be heard forming outside.  A large shadow can be seen approaching the damaged doorway, as the assembled heroes begin to scavenge what can be taken from the corpses.  Polius tries to push one of the overturned tables to the doorway, but weakness and weariness only let him make it about halfway.

The ranger readies an arrow as Gorthak the Half-Orc fills the entrance; and Finneas grabs a lute and begins to strum softly, everyone finds themselves feeling much more calm as the Half-Orc gestures to the innkeeper.

“Finneas! You’re late on your payments!  I’m afraid this time there is no warning…” He raises a two-handed battle-axe toward the human with a single arm, “Get’em boys…”

Six Goblins rush into the room, and the ranger looses his arrow toward the Orc.  The arrow lands into the bicep of the monstrous creature, Gorthak staggers back at the blow, but recovers and looks more pissed off than grievously injured.