Welcome to Mal'Kinor

This is a land of majestic landscapes and fantastic adventures just waiting to be had!  Around four hundred years ago, a cataclysmic event took place called the “Upheaval” which caused all of the old Gods of this land to lose their power and be replaced by three young Gods who established themselves as a new Pantheon to be worshiped by the various peoples of Mal’Kinor.

Mal’Kinor is one continent on the planet of Mal’Kineth, it is connected via land-bridge to its neighbouring continent of Kilranar.  Mal’Kinor is widely considered to be a land of Elves, though there are Humans, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes and many other creatures living on and beneath its surface.  Kilranar is home to the Dark Elves, or Drow, who have been warring with Mal’Kinor for centuries.

Mal’Kinor is divided into six Kingdoms.

Mal’Kinor is the name of the capital, it is where the Queen resides over the entire land, and from this place comes the laws of the land.

Meltiria is the home of the High Elves (or Astar).  It is the oldest Elven city on Mal’Kinor, and it is the home of the Mage’s School, as well as having the largest military force of all the kingdoms.  Meltiria has been plotting in recent years to remove the queen from power and proclaim itself the capital of Mal’Kinor.

Karanthia is the northernmost Kingdom, it is home to the Snow Elves (close cousins to Wood Elves), who left Meltiria when laws regarding the use of non-arcane magic became too oppressive for them to stay.  The Karanthians have an alliance with the Dwarves who live nearby.

Derethor is the southernmost kingdom on Mal’Kinor.  It is home to the Wood Elves, and was discovered as an abandoned ruin by a group of Wood Elf scouts early in the days of civilization.  Some mythical race had once inhabited the land, and were long gone before the Elves ever found their way to Mal’Kinor.  What secrets reside in undiscovered temples to ancient Gods buried deep within the land of Derethor?

Constantine is a young Kingdom, founded only two hundred years ago when the Humans demanded their own home.  Before the founding of Constantine, Humans were treated as slaves, living among the elves, but without any of the rights enjoyed by their ‘better’ neighbours.  Constantine struggles with its identity, and has been in perpetual conflict with the Astar of Meltiria since the day their kingdom was founded; both over the insult the High Elves feel, as well as the border disputes that arise when lands are carved out of old ones.

Galad-Ur is the oldest of the six kingdoms, being home to a Dwarven race that had risen to Glory long before the Elves ever discovered Mal’Kinor.  They once held dominion over all of the lands, ruling from within their subterranean fortresses.  The Elves were a greedy people, however, and they forced the Dwarves from their mountain homes, in order to gain the riches that lied deep beneath the surface.  The Dwarves managed to mount a single counter-offensive, defeating the elves armies in the Copper mountains, stopping the advancing elves and finally earning themselves a respite.  They are a dwindling people who now must rely on others in order to survive.