Episode 4 - Because Rules

Happy New Year, Stimhackers!  The boys of Tag Me are back, and they've got an episode jam packed full of content for you this week!

They discuss the Lunar Cycle in depth.  Matt, Alex and Kevin each give their top three favourite cards from the cycle.  This also involves a clarification of the explanation given for Self-Destruct in our The Source unboxing video!

Contest update time!  We aren't ready to declare a winner, but the guys have been playing a lot more Leela than any of them ever expected.  What are the guys thinking about the identity after a few weeks using her as their primary?

Store Championships incoming!  The guys are getting prepped for their Store Championship season, starting early in February.  What decks are they planning on taking to their tune-up tournament coming up in two weeks?  You'll have to listen to find out!

Rules.  They suck, but if we all pay attention to them and play by the same ones, we might just get along!  Alex wants to clarify IT Department, and after a pretty good explanation, we feel as though we have a solid understanding about how this card plays in real life.

Until next time, stay frosty.