Episode 20 - Data and Destiny

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Data and Destiny!

The guys have a new sponsor!  You'll never believe who is picking up the tab for this episode!!!

Kevin - Kudos to the first piece of hate mail Alex receives about Harbinger!  Also want to give out kudos to the new Recording website and software we are trying out.  Cast!  It makes the recording process much simpler and Kevin recommends it especially to anyone who wants to start out podcasting.  Tryca.st to test it out for free!

Alex - Also Kudos to the first piece of hate mail Alex receives! Also wants to give Kudos to the people at Xpedia for TD, who made changing his travel plans much cheaper and easier than he expected!  Thanks big finance!

Both - Picaroons Brewery in Fredericton, NB.  Alex has been drinking Picaroons during the cast, and it's made him very nostalgic for home.  Special shout out to Winter Warmer, which is Picaroons' potent 9% beer, perfect for beating that mid-December chill.  Check them out at picaroons.ca (Website under construction).

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