Episode 5 - Because the Pope said so!

Alex, Matt and Kevin get together to discuss even more Netrunner goodness! 

The boys just had a GNK event at their LGS, so they go over their results as well as the decks they were playing... hint: one of the podcast guys WON the tournament!

The Leela contest was a smashing success!  They've played their games, they've made their picks, and they are happy to announce a winner for the first ever Tag Me contest!  

'Year four' of Netrunner begins this month with the release of Order and Chaos, and the guys feel this is a great opportunity to make resolutions they intend to forget about long before they complete them!  What are your Netrunner resolutions?  Let us know in the comments below!

After weeks of trying to get a game that works... Kevin gives up!  We replace the game that Alex and Matt know they will fail at with a new segment!  Single Card Spotlight!  This episode's card?  Underworld Contact!

The guys have their first ever special guest!  Matt managed to get maritime superstar (and Boston Regional 2014 top 8 competitor) Chris 'Kiv' MacLeod on for a short interview.  The two discuss Meteor Deckbuilder, Chris' perspective on playtesting for tournaments, and how each of them deals with playing Netrunner in a small eastern town.

That's a pretty darn full show guys!  But stay tuned until the very end when we announce the prize for our next contest, which will be unveiled in Episode 6!

Until next time, Stay Frosty!