Episode 8ish - Coffee is for Closers

Kevin has gone away for the Holiday weekend, so Matt and Alex go it alone!  

Matt breaks down the results of the logo contest, and announces the winner and the runner up! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Alex has a challenge for the listeners, he wants to find a new runner deck that will be fun, win or lose. He might even play your suggestion at Regionals!

Update on the runnerlutions - Matt has been slowly working on community building while Alex played a very controversial non-prescription drug in his deck last week!

Finally - Matt and Clay went down to the Moncton Store Championship last weekend, and Matt's phone recorded all of the action live on location!  We bring you the first actual Ish episode since our pilot!

All of this plus a fun announcement; on episode 8ish of Tag Me!


Congratulations to Hilary Littke for the awesome art we will be using as our podcast logo from here forward.  The level of detail and work that went into the piece is mind-blowing and we know you'll like it as much as we did!