Episode 21 - Food Coats for Thought

Alex and Kevin have returned from the deep darkness of the Canadian Winter to bring you all of the Netrunner commentary and news they can fit in a 90 minute episode!

The guys discuss the NAPD's Most Wanted list, specifically what it will mean for deck building moving forward.  Poor, poor deckbuilders...

The guys also take a crack at their end of year awards, taking a look at a bunch of different categories!  Do your favourites from 2015 match up with theirs?

Kudos are handed out! 

Kevin: David Webber (Honor Harrington Novels)

Alex: Ethan Hawke: “Rules for a Knight”

Plus, Alex has been working on the prize for the latest Tag Me contest!  This is a sneak peek at what one lucky participant is going to receive...

All this, plus a brand new sponsor! Only on Tag Me.