Tag Me Podcast | Episode 23 - Ice Moving Technology

Sure Gamblers and Hedge Funders, Bioroids and Clones

The northern gaming network is back with another Episode of TagMe!
-With special guest Alex Bradley…. Kevin’s going to be overwhelmed.

Let’s talk our SC experiences!

Questions for 2x 2016 Ottawa Store Champion Alex Bradley aka Lopart

  1. How did you get into Netrunner? what’s your origin story?

  2. How does it feel to win both Ottawa store championships?

  3. Tell us about your decks:

    1. What did you bring?

    2. How did you decide on the decks you brought?

    3. Was there anything that slowed you down or you struggled with?

    4. I’ve got your Corp deck right here, how do you feel about the new alliance cards and the pseudo jackson of Museum of history and creds of Mumba Temple? Did they make or break your deck?

  4. Are you planning to travel out of the city to attempt any other SC wins?

  5. How did your preparation change after you won the first Store Championship?  Did you just keep testing the same way, or was there less pressure after you rang the bell?

  6. What’s your favorite card in Netrunner?

    1. What’s your least favorite?

  7. What does the “Ottawa Meta” look like. What’s Hot, What’s Not, What wildcard archetype could really mess it up

  8. What is your opinion on when juice wears tights?

    1. I don’t like when juice wears tights.

  9. What is rice good for?

    1. Its for when you are hungry and want 2000 of something.


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Jank of the Month:

CONTEST WINNER! : Hilary Litke

SCS: Marker

Alex: Geometry. Nothing like a good triangle.
Alex B: Tournament Organizers

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